You Had Me at Christmas: New Anthology

You Had Me at Christmas: New Anthology

My “October surprise”! (Dare I use that expression? 🙂 Are you all groaning now?)

Every year I try my best to do something fun that’s a bit “extra” and not in my usual schedule for readers around the holidays and this year I am teaming up with some of my favorite authors Karina Bliss, Molly O’Keefe, Stephanie Doyle, and Jennifer Lohmann to bring you a Christmas anthology of novellas, YOU HAD ME AT CHRISTMAS. It will be only 0.99 for the 5 novellas as a pre-order and during release week, so I hope you enjoy the chance to check out these other authors!


My novella in the anthology is SNOW-KISSED. (So note that some of you may have read it.)

I’ll be posting more information about individual novellas and some fun quotes (or in Snow-Kissed’s case, heart-wrenching quotes?) from them over the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, you can check out more about it at your preferred bookstore:


Or also on Goodreads

I hope you enjoy this one! I really loved working with this group of authors and think you all will love their stories.

Also, I’ll announce this separately later, but for those of you reading this far:
During a bout of everyone-sick-here-but-me, I had fun writing some stories in which the great heroes fell down with a cold. 🙂 I’ll send one out about Philippe with the newsletter announcement of the anthology release (October 17), so now’s a good time to make sure you are signed up for the newsletter if you’re interested. (Button on top of my page leads to sign up.)

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


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