Which one would you eat first?

Which one would you eat first?

I’ve been meaning to torment you all with this for some time.  And since I’m doing some final proofs on THE CHOCOLATE KISS where this type of dessert is the center of a passionate battle, today is the day: Paris Pâtisserie’s top 38 pastries in Paris.

First you have to hop over to his blog to read the detailed descriptions and realize how cruel I am.  Then, here’s what I want to know: On a trip to Paris, which of those 38 pastries would you eat first?  It’s okay to give a list of your top 3 if you want, but you have to tough it up just like I do every trip to Paris and make a decision.  You will not be able to eat all 38 in a week.  I know because I often try to do this, and it’s even worse, because not only do I have to do research for my books in top kitchens, I also have my own lists, and then there are people like Adam on Paris Patisseries who insist on posting lists like this so that I want to try all their favorites, too.  It’s a tough challenge to live up to.

My French in-laws look at me very sternly when I try to, in fact, as, despite the fact that their country produces such extraordinary things, they firmly believe you should only eat one of them, say, once a week after a meal.  Possibly once every two weeks.  The rest of the time, desserts are yogurt, fruit, and grapefruit, possibly a barely-sugared fresh fruit tart.  (In fact, I have a funny story to tell about my daughter asking if she could have some Halloween candy after supper one time and my husband saying very sternly, “You have to eat your dessert first.”)

So…take a look at the list and NO DUCKING THE DECISION by saying, “All of them.”  If you’re in Paris, you have to choose one first, and if you’re there for a week you might have to, in all honesty, at least trim the list down to 21 (that’s still 3 a day).  Which would be your first choice?  Any particular reason why?




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