Viva l’Italia!

Viva l’Italia!

Oh, mamma mia, these Italians.  Now they know how to make a woman happy.  Should I be writing about them?  It’s been suggested.  I’m so happy about the Italian rights sale I might have to start breathing through a paperbag soon.  They even have such a beautiful marketing plan laid out, complete with boxes of chocolate and everything, that I am jealous!  I want that to be my marketing plan.

Wait, I say.  It is my marketing plan, only translated into Italian.   Maybe September 2013 (Italian release date) would be a good time to finally take that trip to Italy we’ve been wanting to do and see it in action.  I want one of the boxes of chocolate!  Really badly!  And I’m not entirely sure they will think to send me one.

Nothing to do with Italy, per se, but lots to do with being happy with life, a link to Zaz’s “Je veux.”

The first link has English subtitles, and is cute with her singing in the street, but this link has the official video, which I really like.  No subtitles, but it’s just so happy.

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