Thank you to those who offered to beta read!

Thank you to those who offered to beta read!

A huge, huge thank you to all the people who have emailed about beta reading the LUC AND SUMMER sequel. (I guess I should clarify that it actually takes place the first year of their marriage, when Summer first realizes she’s pregnant. Before the epilogue in CHOCOLATE HEART. It started out as a bonus scene and then just kept growing.)

I’ve really been overwhelmed by the outpouring of interest and support. It’s been amazing and touching, and I so appreciate it.

This is an experiment and a very unusual thing for me to do (not like my obsessive perfectionist style at all to allow a book out in a beta state), so I want to limit it to 4-5 people this time. ALL of you who offered are valued. I’ll choose the 5 randomly, because it’s impossible for me to make a choice otherwise. And I’ll keep everyone who has offered in a “hat” for possible ARCs if I decide to put this story out to the whole wide world. (Or even if I don’t, to maybe figure out some other way of sharing it with those who asked.) Again, THANK YOU so much for being willing to invest your time and energy in this story.

I’m going to be in classes and meetings all day today, so I’ll email the people who have expressed an interest tomorrow. Some people have written some really amazing and kind things, and I would like to take the time to write everyone individually.

I really, really appreciate all the support. Thank you all so much.

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