Special Flash Giveaway! EH Chocolatier and Audra North’s In the Fast Lane

Special Flash Giveaway! EH Chocolatier and Audra North’s In the Fast Lane

Prize goes to Holly I., who has been emailed. Thank you so much for reading! I’m sorry it can’t just be chocolates all around!

SPECIAL FLASH GIVEAWAY TODAY! If you remember my photos from RWA, you may remember that some people were so kind as to share with me chocolates from their own local favorite chocolatier. I love this so much, both the kindness of the gesture and the chance to explore different chocolatiers, often ones that I’ve never heard of. The growth of wonderful artisan chocolate in the U.S. has been followed with great delight by yours truly these past five years.

Anyway, now that the weather is a little cooler and it’s safer to ship chocolates, I wanted to pass on the pleasure a bit.

eh chocolatier boxSo today I wanted to do a giveaway of a box of 12 chocolates from EHChocolatier, in the Boston area (Somerville, to be exact). The winner is also welcome to choose their caramels instead or 6 of each if you prefer. I ordered some of the caramels this week and loved them–perfect almost-liquid consistency with wonderful flavors.

eh chocolatier caramelsThis giveaway is in honor of the wonderful Audra North, who was the one who so kindly introduced me to this chocolatier with a box at RWA.

So included with the chocolates, I want to offer a copy of IN THE FAST LANE, the first book in her Hard Driving Series, which features a RACE CAR DRIVER heroine. See how I put that in caps? I love this, and while I’m by no means an expert in racing, the world seems to me to be very well captured. (And the next book in the series, we have a race car mechanic heroine! So fun.)

I’ll draw a name Friday from email subscribers and those who comment below or on Facebook. (So yes, you could be in it twice if you’re on both.)

For comments, let me know: How would winning a box of these chocolates make you happy?


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  • Kay

    Oh, chocolate. How I love thee! Unfortunately, I live in a smallish town in KY, so I hardly eat any chocolate that doesn’t come from the candy aisle in Krogers 🙁

    September 30, 2015 at 6:10 pm

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