Ruthie Knox’s lovely reading from THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH

Ruthie Knox’s lovely reading from THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH

A lovely reading from THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH by the wonderful Ruthie Knox.

Ruthie’s beautiful words to go with the reading: “Laura’s books create a Paris of the imagination, a Paris of chocolate and technique, mastery and admiration, and most of all, a Paris of intense and specific sexual-romantic longing that you can wrap around you, as you read, like the softest cashmere couch blanket. There is such decadence to Laura’s Paris, because she gives the reader permission to sink into the world she’s created, to want — expensive food, beautiful clothes, romantic misunderstanding, scenery, love, sex — and this means that choosing to read one of her novels becomes a choice to have an experience that is comforting, beautiful, and rich.

It’s just delicious.”

She is extremely kind.

And if you are looking to be tempted into more books, check out her reading from Molly O’Keefe’s Wild Child the week before. Are these video reads not fantastic?  And now that you’ve heard the reading, can you possibly resist WILD CHILD?

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