Print version of A Kiss in Lavender available for order

Print version of A Kiss in Lavender available for order

PRINT version of A KISS IN LAVENDER is now available for order, so that all my print readers should be able to order it now and get it the same time as ebook readers are able to download it Tuesday.


It will be available through Barnes and Noble and other print vendors, too (like Book Depository), but there is always a short delay before it appears on BN and a long one for BD.

Note: NO review copies of this book went out. Only my editors have read it. Please do not be hurt if you had requested a review copy or as a long-time supportive blogger or a reader reviewer might normally have assumed you might get one. I hope you will enjoy discovering it at the same time as everyone else! I had to settle for what I could get done, and I did not want to delay this book until I came back from my writing sabbatical–it didn’t seem fair to all of you!

That said, if any of you can take the time to review once you read it on Amazon etc, that is wonderful and awesome and I deeply appreciate it! Reviews are crucial for authors, and I very much value them and all of you for the support, I hope I manage to make that clear.

Life just is what it is this year!

I hope you all enjoy A KISS IN LAVENDER and here’s wishing you all much happy reading this coming year!

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  • Ehrin Legler

    Can’t wait for Tuesday!! 😊

    September 9, 2017 at 10:18 pm

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