On getting it all done

On getting it all done

This bit of gratuitous life wisdom just from the different discussions that have come into my life this week, from different spaces of worry. So here it is:

You will never, ever, ever get it ALL done. Not ever. Never.

So. You just have to take a deep breath and let that go. Go for a walk and keep your head up while you do, looking around. Bake cookies. Garden. Swing in the hammock with your kid. Whatever you love that you’re NOT doing while you try to do it ALL…go do that thing instead.

It’s okay.

Trust me–unless you’re in an episode of 24, it’s okay to let some things go.

Alas, if you’re Jack Bauer or, say, the President, I’m afraid you’re excluded from this advice. For the rest of us, let’s be grateful we aren’t, and carry on.


Or not carry on for a little bit. That’s okay, too.

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