New Contest! Early copy of CHOCOLATE KISS!

New Contest! Early copy of CHOCOLATE KISS!

This one is for CHOCOLATE THIEF lovers!  See this wonderful present that Heather McCollum surprised me with at the Fall into Romance signing?  The lovely Heather McCollum who, may I add, has barely met me and just read THE CHOCOLATE THIEF and wanted to be a Wonderful Nice Person and share a little bit of her heart of gold with me and make my day?  She spotted this at a craft fair right after finishing THE CHOCOLATE THIEF and picked it up to give to me at the Festival.

So…I’m giving out one early copy (actual real, like-in-stores copy–they just arrived!) of THE CHOCOLATE KISS to the person who can tell me WHY she would think of THE CHOCOLATE THIEF when she saw this.  Email me with “Chocolate Kiss contest” in the subject at laura  AT lauraflorand DOT com.  (Replace the obvious words with the obvious symbols and no spaces, of course.  Just a little spam protection there.)  No blog comment answers, to be fair.  But I’m happy to answer questions to give clues. 🙂

And because I know perfectly well that you are zooming in to get a better look at those hard-packed abs on the cover of her book CAPTURED HEART behind us and NOT on the little precious present you’re supposed to be zooming in on, here’s a close-up to help you stay focused on the right thing.

Publishers Weekly just called THE CHOCOLATE KISS “decadent” and “erotic”!!  I’m starting to feel a little blush coming on here.   I swear I was just writing a book!  That’s all!

Contest runs until Dec. 6, because that’s St. Nicholas’ Day, and that means a present in your shoes or stocking!  Did anyone do that, growing up, besides us?

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