Ha, you have to go check out this photo Donna Kauffman has proposed for Sylvain Marquis, the hero of THE CHOCOLATE THIEF.  I’m not one of those authors who uses actor photos to inspire me, but I have to say…he would do. 🙂  Nicely.

By a funny coincidence*, I was seeking island reads just last week and picked up Donna’s own Sugar Rush, which I just recommended on USA Today’s Happily Ever After Blog.  Georgia island life + cupcakes + hot chefs and a funny, sexy, sweet love story, what more could you want for a vacation really?  It’s even got recipes.  For cupcakes, I mean, not for creating your own personal hot chef.  (Maybe in her next book.)

*Well, when I say coincidence, we both love food and we both write for the same editor who is always mentioning how wonderful Donna’s writing is (not sure if the reverse is true!), so how long was it really gonna take before our reading and writing tastes collided?  It’s just funny it happened the same week.

Anyway…go check out the photo.  Let me know what you think.  🙂


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