Love Your Library: Author-Library Collaboration (RWA 2014)

Love Your Library: Author-Library Collaboration (RWA 2014)

Friend, amazing librarian, and fellow writer Jennifer Lohmann did a talk with me at this past RWA (RWA 2014, San Antonio) on Librarians’ Day about best practices for author-library collaboration (including speaking engagements, how to get your book into libraries, etc.). We wanted to make a space here as well as on Jennifer’s site to share the slides from the talk, per the request of those attending, and leave it open to comments for those who have more thoughts to contribute, particularly on what effective collaboration looks like (what you, as a librarian or an author, may have learned about what works well when doing author events at libraries, etc.). These talk slides have been updated to include slides that feature some of the ideas that came out of the discussions during our talks, from all of you. And again, comments are open below to add more.

Thanks so much to all the librarians and authors who participated in our talk and shared their wonderful ideas!

Love Your Library_Laura Florand and Jennifer Lohmann

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