Indie First Day

Indie First Day

So were you out braving the crowds today and yesterday or safely snuggled up at home with a good book? Anyone got their Christmas tree yet?

I stayed home except for participating in Indie First Day at The Regulator Bookshop. (Where of course I ended up picking up a few Christmas presents.) This event was so much fun! Usually my events at bookstores are so me-focused (giving talks, readings). The chance to just chat with indie bookstore readers about all kinds of other books that I recommend (or they recommend to me) was so much fun. Authors and readers were just hanging out and talking in all directions. Thanks to Chachic’s Book Nook, Random Musings of a Bibliophile, and By Singing Light, I had plenty of advice to offer when people asked if any of the authors around knew some YA books to recommend. I think I spent half my time back in YA! (Sisters Grimm, anyone?)

Among lots of fascinating readers, I also got a chance to chat with author Dan Ariely (Predictably Irrational) who is, as you can imagine, completely fascinating, and kept whipping out his phone to record my comments on people who follow recipes versus people who don’t (a cookbook-human behavior project he’s working on). If I show up in one of his books one day sounding like an idiot, just know, I had no preparation. That’s my defense.

Anyway, apparently Indie First Day is planned to repeat again next year at indie bookstores, so make sure to check out your own local bookstore to see what authors they have participating. You meet all kinds of intriguing people.

regulator 2013

Here I am with Tom Campbell, owner of The Regulator. I was supposed to be proudly showing off my Indie First bag, but as you notice, there is a slight height differential that proved challenging to frame.

What about you? Do any shopping? Any holiday preparations?

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