Have a Good Memorial Day Weekend!

Have a Good Memorial Day Weekend!

Just realizing I have missed Friday Book Club two Fridays in a row, with travel and Memorial Day weekend. I will get back on the ball next Friday! I miss talking about books with you.

And yes, I have to catch you up on the RT Convention, too! (And I may have a cover to share pretty soon!) If you are on Facebook, I’ve managed to put some photos up there of RT, just because posting photos is so much faster there.

Meanwhile, here’s wishing you all a wonderful long weekend with your families. And let’s take a moment to remember what it’s about.

Who are your people who have served in the military? Do you want to take a minute to mention them to honor them? One of my brothers and my nephew, within my lifetime. My father was fifteen when WWII ended, but he had had polio so would not have been called to active duty in any case. I suspect having Roosevelt as president when he was growing up may have been an important message to him, however, even though it’s not something he ever talked about. I know a lot of people have family members and friends currently serving (or are serving in the military themselves).


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