Friday Book Club: What Are You Reading?

Friday Book Club: What Are You Reading?

It’s Friday! What are you reading? Anything you recommend from this past week? Any plans for this weekend?

Last weekend, I read APPLES SHOULD BE RED, by Penny Watson, which I went ahead and highly recommended on the spot. A novella about a 62-year-old curmudgeon and the 59-year-old pearl-wearing woman coming out of a bad marriage he has to host for Thanksgiving. It’s hilarious, but also very sweet. Tom is priceless. (And only 0.99 right now, I think.) (AMZ link: Apples Should Be Red)


apples should be red watson

This week, two of my friends have released books, so I have one of those tough choices: which one first?

Elyssa Patrick released While It Was Snowing (AMZ Link: While It Was Snowing: a novella), her Christmas novella from a duology last year. I’ve read this one, but it’s one of those stories it can be such a comfort to re-read when you’re feeling overextended and tired. It starts out with the pure physical farce (whipped cream is really overrated in certain situations), then sinks right into the cute of a sex contract (ha, ha, I know that sounds bad! But it’s the sweetest thing. The hero is adorable.) It’s one of those really feel-good reads. Also, can I just say that Elyssa Patrick is such a nice person? Generous and unstinting with others. It’s really wonderful. I want to have her big soul when I grow up.


The other book is from Katharine Ashe: My Lady, My Lord (AMZ Link: My Lady, My Lord). Katie is a personal friend and colleague and so when I look at the cover of this book, I can see her excitement as she talks about it. It’s one of the first books she has published herself (you know by now what a good idea I think it is for an author to do at least some books independently), and she just talks with so much energy about what she’s done with this story: “A different kind of Regency!” (You know I’m a sucker for that word “different”. What is the difference? I need to find out!!)

my lady my lord

So…which one do I choose first? Comfort? Or adventure?

What about you? Comfort reads or adventures this weekend? Or a little of both?

  • Thank you, Laura. Katharine Ashe alerted me to your blog.

    A comfort read, or something adventuresome? I say, whatever you’re in the mood for. Moods don’t last, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to read the other kind of book when that mood strikes you.

    This weekend, when I’m not working (like those “Downton Abbey” maids, I never get a day off), I’ll be finishing Kandy Shepherd’s “The Castaway Bride”. It’s a fun, escapist contemporary romance. Think “Robinson Crusoe” meets “The Runaway Bride”.

    Also, I’ll be reading Jennifer Bray-Weber’s “Bring Me the Horizon”, a pirate romance. But NOT a pirated romance!

    I’ll also be working on the romance I’m writing, when I can find the time. And I just gotta!

    Have a nice weekend, everyone!

    March 14, 2014 at 1:54 pm
  • Tracey Galbraith

    I’m reading Sara Bennett’s TO PLEASURE A DUKE, one of 3 books I won last month. I like it so far!

    March 14, 2014 at 3:56 pm

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