Friday Book Club!

Friday Book Club!

Friday Book Club! What are you reading?

I was just reading My Father’s Dragon with my daughter (from our discussion of children’s books), and it’s very charming. (Although maybe with darker moments than we’re used to anymore–poor baby dragon! But the little boy is off to rescue him.)

And I just finished NO EASY DAY. I find memoirs/autobiographical accounts like this absolutely fascinating–this insight into a mindset and life so different from my own. (Like, I have a very great difficulty imagining myself chomping at the bit, frustrated and restless in an airport, because if that plane doesn’t take off soon I might miss this amazing chance to go parachute into freezing cold water, board a ship held by pirates, and get shot at. There are some amazing differences in humans, aren’t there?)

I’m also over at Ellie Reads Fiction talking about some books I’ve loved this summer, and some other favorite things. Come share your own!

What about you? What are you reading? Anything you recommend? Anything you’re looking forward to this weekend?

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