Exciting News!

Exciting News!

I’ve got exciting news.  I’m going to be able to release the next Chocolate book, which is also the first full book in the Provence (La Vie en Roses) collection, much earlier than expected:  THE CHOCOLATE ROSE.


Please tell me you love this cover as much as I do!

It’s about Gabriel Delange, top chef pâtissier and part of the extended Rosier clan (as is Léa Laurier, in TURNING UP THE HEAT). The Rosiers rule over the flower-growing valleys around Grasse in the south of France and are best known for their dominance in the production of roses and jasmine, as well as scents and perfumes.  You’ll get to meet more of the Rosier scions up close and personal starting with “A Rose in Winter”, the novella being released in the anthology NO PLACE LIKE HOME this Christmas (Dec 3, 2013), followed by a trilogy that focuses on the family members involved in the scents and perfumes.

For more on THE CHOCOLATE ROSE story and a tiny glimpse of the first chapter, check here.

I will be releasing this one both in ebook and print, and as the print part is a first venture, am not entirely sure what the delays will be before that is available.  Sometime within the next two months, and the ebook earlier.  Make sure to sign up for my newsletter to be notified when it’s released!

For the curious…

If you want to know how it is I’m able to release so many books relatively close together, it’s simple.

I wrote THE CHOCOLATE THIEF in 2009. But it just takes that long for a book to make it from author to publisher to press, in the traditional publishing world.  There’s the delay with the agent, the time the agent shops it, the 18 months advance notice a house takes to schedule a new series.  (Now Kensington will schedule me 9 months or so from receiving a book, but not then.  And if I switched houses now, it would go up to 18 months again until they had me “fit” in.)

Meanwhile, of course, I keep writing.  The delay in seeing my books appear is just the one that occurs automatically with traditional publishing.

But I’ve decided to release this one myself.


YES, it was.  Thank you.  It’s a real book.  Kensington made real, serious offers on it, and came back several times with different options to persuade me to let them publish it.

They were good options, and they were interesting options, and I really appreciate their enthusiasm and support, and the support of my editor Alicia Condon, enormously.

But I want to do this one myself.

1)  I want to release it now, this summer.  I’m really excited about this world, Provence, and I’m really excited about this book, which to me is such a bright, fun one, as full of energy and sunlight as Provence itself, and which bridges the Chocolate series and the Provence series.  I don’t want to wait and release it next May instead.

2)  I love control.  The Martha Stewart of words, that would be me.  There’s so much the average reader would be horrified to learn can happen to a book in a publishing house.  And there’s only one sure way to control what happens to your own books.

3)  I think every author, with what’s going on in publishing right now, needs to be independently publishing some of their work.  THEIR GOOD WORK.  THEIR NEW WORK.  Not the leftover manuscript under the bed from when they were teenagers.

4)  Also, did you see the cover?  Can I get a squee for that cover?

I hope you love this story and Gabriel Delange as much as I do!  Again, make sure to sign up for my newsletter to be notified when it’s released!

  • Jackie D.

    I DO like that cover! (Did you read the classic, Go Dog Go? “Yes, I do! I do like your hat!”) Good luck with it! And thank you for the math problem required to post a comment. Always good to keep the brain exercised.

    April 4, 2013 at 3:57 pm
  • Having now read all of your published work, I’m thrilled to see more of your writing coming out this year (especially on Kindle). From my brief foray into published work, I was horrified to see what can happen to an article after I submitted it to a newspaper, so I can only imagine the nightmare of what would happen to a book in a publishing house!
    Every story you write has spoken to me in some way and I am looking forward to what you will be saying next 🙂

    April 5, 2013 at 6:28 pm
  • Chanpreet

    Yay! I’ll be able to get my hands on this new series much sooner! It’s always the waiting for the book that bothers me the most. Instead of, “Are we there yet?”, I’m thinking, “Is it here yet?”.

    I know that self publishing is a great thing, I’ve found many new authors and some great books because of it. I’m sure The Chocolate Rose will do extremely well as a self published book. I’m not much for squealing, but I love the cover! I’m more of a doing a happy dance sort of a person. Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

    April 5, 2013 at 6:33 pm
  • I laughed at your comment that we may want to “bop him on the head from time to time”; I want to bop MOST men over the head from time to time 🙂

    April 7, 2013 at 11:54 am
  • Yes, I think it’s the default relationship. 🙂 Lucky for men that we women are so easy to get along with on our side, right? 🙂

    April 8, 2013 at 8:33 pm

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