Chocolate Cup Giveaway and Title Brainstorming

Chocolate Cup Giveaway and Title Brainstorming

Let’s have a chocolate cup contest! (You know, these chocolate cups here. We have only 6 left!!)


We are going to RETITLE and REBRAND (that is, new cover) THE CHOCOLATE ROSE, Gabriel’s book. (Don’t worry, Amazon will not let you buy it over again thinking it’s a new book, plus we’ll put “formerly titled” in the description to help.)

The cover will be in keeping with the Vie en Roses covers. (It will involve a hot guy.)

The title…well, that’s what the giveaway is about! Who wants to help come up with one?

If there’s a definite winner–someone who comes up with an awesome title we decide to use–we’ll send the cup to that person. If we end up going with one of my title ideas, we’ll draw a name at random.

Here are my ideas:
Melt Me
Melt Into Me
Taste Me
Tempt Me
All In

Also, I had a very strong leaning toward naming it simply “Gabriel”, but people within the industry (editors etc) keep objecting to that. (Why? Not sure I’m convinced, so feel free to say why if you want.)

Remember, titles and covers are Pure 100% Marketing. (What would make a stranger to these books pick one up because it looks so tempting?)

Thank you for any thoughts!! Here’s the old cover/title. You see how it doesn’t fit anymore with the brand of the rest of my books.


  • If you want to brand it in keeping with the La Vie en Roses novels, I think “The Chocolate Rose” is still a good name – it has a flower in the title, in keeping with the rest of the series, and the fact that it’s got “Chocolate” in there as well ties it in to your chefs/chocolatiers series. “Turning up the Heat” is the one that seems a little out of place, title-wise. Of the alternate titles you list above, I think “Taste Me” and “All In” are the best for what’s going on in that book. “Unguarded” doesn’t seem right as there’s no character evolution in that direction in the text – Gabe is all in from the start and Jolie is mostly just fooling herself, not guarding herself. The “Melt” titles make me think of the Snow Queen novels. Maybe “The Chocolate Thorn” or “The Sugar Thorn?” They both act as thorns in each others sides at times. It’s been a while since I’ve read that book, but the things that I remember most (or, maybe, being most surprised by), were Jolie’s willingness to embrace life and her lack of shyness about her body, and Gabriel’s honesty with himself about when he was being manipulative and acting badly. Honesty with themselves was pretty big in that book, so maybe something related to that? “The Honest Rose?”

    Maybe “Aux Anges” after his restaurant? But, speaking of angels… I do like the idea of calling it “Gabriel” but since that’s also a commonly understood angel name and there was that glut of angel romances a few years ago, your editors might have a point. And “Aux Anges” might have the same problem. Other ideas: “Beauty and the Chef”, “Jolie and the Beast”, “Gabriel’s Heart”, “Gabriel’s Rose”, “Beauty and the Intellectual Property Dispute”, “The Self-Aware Special Bloom”, “Beauty and the Trade Secret”, “Abandoned Rose”, “Abandoned Flower”, “Caustic Rose” or “A Summer without Roses.” Overall, I still think the original title was best, I really enjoyed how it was central to the plot and ran throughout the book. If there’s any problem with it, it’s that it’s almost too on-the-nose. But a new title might bring new readers, so title on!

    July 29, 2015 at 7:20 pm
  • An Nich

    I agree with Jocelyn. Personally, I prefer ‘Chocolate Rose’ because I read the books for the pastry tie in. And I would also vote for any of Jocelyn’s title, specifically (in internet grammar) ‘beauty and the chef, gabriels heart, gabriels rose, abandoned rose and summer without roses.’ But, because I like the cups, I’ll toss my possible suggestions into the rink (while trying to avoid using Chocolate in title) – ‘Competing Heat,’ ‘ Blackmail Lust,’ ‘Chocolate Heat,’ ‘Culinary Desire,’ ‘Blossoming Love’, ‘Blackmail Heat,’ ‘Chocolate Desire,’ ‘Turning Point,’ ‘Learning to Love’, ‘Both Sides of the Story’, ‘Two Ways Become One,’ etc.

    July 31, 2015 at 9:51 pm
  • An Nich

    Oh and one more ‘Gabriel’s Desire’ or ‘Gabriel’s Growth.’

    Not to vote for the competition by Jocelyn’s suggestion for ‘Aux Anges,’ and ‘Sugar\chocolate thorn’ work equally well –

    July 31, 2015 at 9:56 pm
    • I really like “Both Sides of the Story.” 🙂

      August 7, 2015 at 11:13 pm
  • Miranda Jelbart

    There are some dark writings recently unveiled, with the titles like Tempt Me, Twist Me, Hold me, Keep Me – by a husband-wife team , each surname beginning with Z. I would encourage you to aim for a warmer and brighter resonance with the tile of this special story.
    What I love most about your stories, Laura, is the wholesomeness and pursuit of higher intimacy, where risk and growth coexist in an ambience of tenderness.
    Thus I would favour a title such as “Unfold my Heart” – an invitation that we would not offer to just anyone, but also a challenge, and a recognition that it may be wound up tight for some reason… All of which could apply to Gabriel and his lady love. And it has the image of a rose opening in bloom, embedded within the title. Warm regards,

    August 1, 2015 at 8:49 am
  • Mary Jo Mro

    I liked how the Chocolate Rose led Jolie to Gabriel, so my suggestion, if you must change the title, is “Led By A Rose”. I’ve enjoyed your books very much – keep writing for us all!

    August 2, 2015 at 1:52 am
  • I don’t have any spectacular brainstorming ideas for you, but there are a few reasons not to call it Gabriel. My main reason would be that there’s a recent Grace Burrowes book by the same name in her Lonely Lords series, which is branded that way–titles are all hero names. It won’t create confusion I don’t think, but why make people guess? Second, it doesn’t tell you anything about the story or what to expect. Almost any other title is better than a name in my view.

    August 3, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    I honestly think The Chocolate Rose is the perfect title because it relates to both the Amour et Chocolat series and the La Vie en Roses series… I mean, the book is kind of a crossover right? AND it relates to the Beauty and the Beast theme, with the rose mention. It’s such a good title. If for some reason you HAVE to change it, I recommend making some kind of Beauty and the Beast reference. It’s a hugely popular theme right now.

    Now as for the cover, ok, like most people (whether they admit it or not) I am REALLY picky about covers (there’s a reason The Chocolate Temptation was the first book of yours I picked up – it’s the best cover in the A&C series imo). I do have a pet peeve when it comes to covers, and that is: pictures of real people (where we can see their faces – something like All For You is fine). It says nothing about the story and it really interferes with the way I imagine the characters. It’s like looking at a fancast before reading the book. And beauty is subjective – not every reader is going to think the guys in the covers are hot. If they don’t, maybe they’ll be put off by the cover, instead of seduced by it. Consider that you have readers of many different ages, in many different parts of the world and we all have different tastes.

    This is why the covers for Temptation, All for You, the Brazilian editions of Chocolate Thief and Kiss and the Indonesian edition of Chocolate Touch are so good. They are simple, they are not obvious, and they don’t interfere with the way we imagine the characters. The Brazilian and Indonesian editions also really relate to the story.

    Anyway these are just my 2 cents. I absolutely love your books and I am always recommending them to other people. I would like nothing more than to see more people picking them up and discovering your amazing romances. All the best <3

    August 7, 2015 at 1:43 am

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