Chocolate and TWO books giveaway!

Chocolate and TWO books giveaway!

Congrats to winner Crystal! This contest is now closed, but check out the Goodreads giveaway for The Chocolate Temptation if you want to test your luck again. Thanks to everyone for your interest!

This month’s CHOCOLATE AND BOOKS GIVEAWAY is in honor of two amazing authors and amazing women who are not only wonderful writers but who have given so much of themselves to support me personally and other authors, too, as we get started on our own careers: Eloisa James and Virginia Kantra. Both have new books out in the past two weeks, and both books are ones you can just curl up with and love!

And for the chocolates, I am choosing Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier, in thanks to Amy D., who went chocolate exploring and sent me a box of her delicious chocolates. So I want to pay it forward! Plus, read Gail’s bio and you will see that she is a woman after my own heart.
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As usual, chocolates can only be sent within US, but the books should be able to go everywhere, although we might have to do ebooks for some places. (I’ll double check with the winner.)

Please spread the word, and I hope you enjoy!

Newsletter subscribers are automatically in the drawing, and you can enter again just by commenting below. In honor of Valentine’s day, what’s a favorite romantic moment from a book or movie? (Or life?)


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