A little bit of Alsace

A little bit of Alsace

In honor of the sale of the German rights for The Chocolate Thief, I’ve been trying to choose some photos of Alsace to share.  Alsace being a region of France on the border with Germany that has changed hands between those two countries multiple times over the course of history and which therefore shows a unique blend of German and French influences in its culture.

I keep being distracted by things like this:

(A photo from the Atelier du Chocolat in Paris.  Nothing to do with Alsace.  Just encountered on the search through my disorganized photo folders.)

However, a few of Alsace:


(Notice the characteristic stork’s nest and the half-timbered houses.)

A vineyard through a crumbling 12th-century town wall.

And my personal favorite, “raiponce”, Rapunzel’s mother’s addiction, growing in a castle garden:

Alsace is a beautiful region to go to in Christmas as well.  The marchés de Noël in Strasbourg are famous, and I know several people who make the trip from Paris every Christmas season to attend them.  However, I am still searching through files for the photos from the times I’ve been to those marchés.  If I find them before Christmas, I promise to share!

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