Yesterday, I got some REALLY GREAT NEWS about two of our GCC friends, Eliza Graham and Joshilyn Jackson. FIRST, to fill you in on the background, their books Playing with the Moon (Eliza Graham) and Gods in Alabama (Joshilyn Jackson) were chosen out of ALL the other books in the world that year to choose from, to be on a list of 100 books “with word-of-mouth appeal”, books that would get people talking.

THEN, the news got TEN TIMES better, because out of these ONE HUNDRED books, voters chose their books in the first round of voting, in which only ten were selected.

And you can go make this great news even better by voting in the second round here, for which of these books will be named The Hidden Gem.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Your book being called The Hidden Gem.

Joshilyn says I am to bribe you with chocolates to get you to go vote, and also to wear lowcut dresses when I ask and lean over in those dresses the way those Parisiennes Hussies in my favorite ice-cream shop in Paris always do with Sébastien. (Is that not the WORST dilemma you have ever heard? To get my favorite ice cream, I have to put up with flirting Hussies. I could, of course, deny myself my favorite ice cream, but I have decided it’s better just to give Sébastien a hard time afterward instead in case he accidentally looked. What?!� It’s really good ice cream!!!)

Well, I refuse to stoop to those Hussies’ level. (Figuratively speaking; most Hussies are tall enough to look down their noses at me. When I try to look down my nose at people, I get a crick in my neck from trying to get my head angled back enough.)

But I CAN bribe you with chocolate.� Here are a few glimpses of the BOXES and BOXES and TOWERS OF BOXES of special Christmas chocolates taking up a full third of Carrefour this December.� Carrefour is like a Wal-Mart on French steroids.


Being a Wal-Mart on FRENCH steroids means you have a lot better food.


A LOT of a lot better food.


It just went on an on like this!� I stopped taking pictures after the Lindt section, but ALL the major brands of chocolate had towers and towers like this.� And in among all the towers of chocolate, like a tall elf, some young man trying to earn a little extra Christmas money, kept popping around in a white pastry hat marked Lindt, with tastes.

Alas, those tastes were all I got of this batch, because I decided, in my crafty little way that I would COME BACK the day after Christmas and buy up a ton of these things on sale.� (You know, like we do here; it works the same in France.)� And, one of those great tragedies, we did not have time.

Please see earlier post about the last day of Paris.� It was spent in cafés and eating frog legs instead.� NOT my fault.

So…still…THERE IS MY CHOCOLATE.� And now that you have looked at it, you are practically morally OBLIGATED to go vote for Joshilyn and Eliza.� Also, if you haven’t read their wonderful books already, seriously, do yourselves a favor.

  • Eliza Graham

    Thanks for the support, Laura!

    February 6, 2008 at 3:37 am
  • After looking at your wonderful chocolate pics, I do feel morally obligated to go and vote now. Again.

    And Laura – your peeps love you. I hope that doesn’t come as a surprise.

    February 7, 2008 at 8:55 am
  • You could wear low-cut dresses and flash your cleavage at Sebastien – and be altogether more appealing than the French ice cream hussies, by virtue of looking like Veronica Lake. Not to mention that he already knows you’ll put out.

    Going to go vote, right now! Also, not to pressure you or draw attention away from the very deserving Mmes Jackson and Graham or anything, but erm, when is YOUR next book coming out, please?

    February 7, 2008 at 4:34 pm
  • I don’t know yet, alala. 🙁 I WISH I could announce something. But I don’t know.

    However, I am wallowing in the whole Veronica Lake thing again.

    Dear Dee, I am such at a loss among slang that for a moment I thought you meant my marshmallow peeps love me. And I haven’t even BOUGHT them yet, what with 40 days of Lent to go, so I said to myself, that is truly amazing, that they are sitting there in the store, just loving me like that. Kind of like Corduroy, only with pink chicks instead.

    February 8, 2008 at 8:06 pm
  • You know, people who haven’t read that book (Corduroy) are going to be really mystified by that last sentence. If there are any people who haven’t read it…

    February 10, 2008 at 3:47 pm
  • I guess we all have our own slang, alala. 🙂 I am reading it 3-4 times a morning right now (Mia is taking to it), so, you know, it seems obvious to me…

    February 11, 2008 at 7:45 pm

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