Wonderful news

Wonderful news

I really, really like those Italians.  I knew it as soon as they said they were going to package THE CHOCOLATE THIEF with little boxes of chocolate.  It’s like they peeked into my soul.  Or maybe read the book?

Anyway…the wonderful news is!!  Fanucci (Leggereditore), the Italian publisher, is inviting me to attend the International Women’s Fiction Festival in MATERA, ITALY, which looks like a gorgeous town on Google, and then do a book tour of the major Italian cities afterward.  At the end of September/beginning of October!  Which must be one of the most gorgeous times of the year.  There is going to be a CHOCOLATE PARTY to get things started at the Festival.

In terms of book tours, it does not really get much better than this.  Io amo gli italiani!  And I might need to practice saying things like that correctly a bit over the next three months.



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