Update on Lani Diane Rich

Update on Lani Diane Rich

If you want a chance to win a copy of The Fortune Quilt or Lani’s other books, I just got an email from dee that Lani is the FAB-ulous author pick over on Dee and Dee Dish About Books this month.� I am so jealous.� I feel like Miss America passing on her crown.� It’s all over, it’s all over, the fifteen minutes of sunshine are all gone and someone else has taken my place…
Plus, I am pouty.� I can’t enter the contest myself.� SO unjust.

  • If you win and make a speech maybe you could refer to me as “Amy, Professional Idea Generator.” Or do you think a simple “Idea Woman” is better? I’m not sure how to print up the business cards… 🙂

    March 4, 2007 at 9:05 pm
  • Laura,
    Why on earth can’t you enter? It’s on MY blog, so *I* get to make the rules, and *I* say that you can enter! Unless you just get Lani to send you a book. But that would be cheating. So don’t do that. Only *I* am allowed to do things like that. (grin!)

    And Amy, if Laura wins, I fully expect her to make a nice little “I love Amy” speech. It’s only fair!

    March 4, 2007 at 9:19 pm
  • Go for it, Laura!

    Maybe I’ll stage a new contest soon that only you can win!

    March 4, 2007 at 11:01 pm

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