Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Some events coming up in Durham, for the North Carolina readers!

30 November 2013, Saturday, 4-6 pm, The Regulator Bookshop, Durham NC. I’ll be taking part in Indies First Day, trying to talk you into buying some of my favorite books for your Christmas gifts. 🙂 And, of course, happily signing any of my own books, which make, clearly wonderful Christmas gifts. Just package them with chocolate.

4 December 2013, Wednesday, 7 pm, The Regulator Bookshop, Durham NC. I’ll be sharing what it’s like to do research Behind-the-Scenes in a Michelin 3-star pastry kitchen in Paris. (One hint: Incredible!) I’ll also be signing my latest book, in which you can see how all that research gets transmuted into story: THE CHOCOLATE HEART. Package with chocolate for a perfect Christmas gift for the book lover on your list!

19 January 2014, Sunday (time TBA), Southwest Library, Durham NC. Talking again about “Behind the Scenes in a Michelin 3-star Pastry Kitchen in Paris” and signing my latest books, fruit of that research, THE CHOCOLATE HEART and (maybe) THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION. (Valentine’s is just around the corner! Know anyone who likes chocolate?)

We may be having some tastings thanks to Bonnie of Miel Bon Bons at a couple of these. I’ll keep you posted! I hope to see some of you there! 🙂

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