They’re Coming…for YOU

They’re Coming…for YOU

Okay, contest winners, your copies of Blame It on Paris, the ones you are desperately waiting to get your hands on (please tell me you are DESPERATELY waiting; go on, you can pretend if you want), are in the mail. As are the truffles for the extra lucky. (But really, what are truffles compared to Blame It on Paris? A mere trifle!)

Remember to keep an eye on your mailman, if you’re awaiting a truffle delivery. My mail carrier has never stolen a single book, but the chocolate from my adoring fans seems to go missing on a DAILY basis.

Meanwhile, even the ones who did not win the contest are still lucky, because TOMORROW, we will be interviewing a guest multipersonality disorder patient. We will. Trust me on this one. I did not lie to you about the superhero, did I?

And in a few days, we may even interview a Guest Author. Just to prove that I do know some vaguely normal people. Well, people who can pass as vaguely normal in public…

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  • Truffles are on the way? Oh, I do so adore you, Laura!

    And another guest? I can hardly wait! The last few have ben great, and I’m sure the next ones will be as well.

    February 27, 2007 at 7:34 pm

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