The Wonderful World of Paris Easter Eggs

The Wonderful World of Paris Easter Eggs

Happy Easter, all those who celebrate Easter!  Or Passover, those who are celebrating that!

Alas, the world of Parisian chocolate is sadly devoid of Passover chocolates, but if you want to see the Wild Wonderful World of Parisian Easter Eggs, check out my Pinterest board of some of my favorites.

Every Parisian has memories of the delight of the extravagant Easter eggs they would get as children, filled with fritures, little chocolates in the form of things such as shrimp, seashells, fish, bells (bunnies are a fairly recent American influence).  While they aren’t all as innovative as the Pinterest board ones, even the baker down the street in a small town will be doing something special.  My husband gets profoundly nostalgic and homesick every year and wants me to take a semester off just so our daughter can be in France at Easter one year.

Enjoy the day, a beautiful one here, and the sight of all the crazy, brilliant creativity this time of year brings out in French chocolatiers!  Are you doing anything fun yourself?


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