The Ploy Has Worked

The Ploy Has Worked

HA! The ploy has worked. Joshilyn Jackson has told her Boobs Stuck Under a Bed in Paris story at last, and it is HILARIOUS. Check it out.

Full credit has to be given to Amy, who came up with not one but two nefarious plans to get the story out of her: the Boobs in Paris meme and my truffle contest for best Paris story. And she claims she did this while she had the flu, although I’m beginning to think that flu might have been a cover. Either that or she was meant to be a Super Villain in another life, because anyone who can think of two nefarious plans that WORK, that are NOT foiled again, while suffering from the flu, was made for great nefariety. No, that is not a word, but neither was truthiness a year ago, and look where that has gone.

So it does look as if I will have to go through with my promise to award truffles. And to have a second place prize of truffles, as well, since Joshilyn has such an advantage for this particular contest.

Normally, I might have some trouble parting with two boxes of truffles. But over the past week Truffles Have Been Made.

And made, and made. I sextupled the recipe, and I am so much enjoying using that as a verb, but when you sextuple a truffle recipe, that is a lot of chocolate. I basically said: “How much chocolate and cream do we have in the house? [And, since people knew I was coming, it turns out there was a lot.] Let’s use ALL of it.” And then it took me 3 days to finish making all those little truffle balls, getting them to the right temperature for dipping in another layer of chocolate, and then dipping them. And meanwhile, I had to keep making shopping trips for more chocolate and cream to make other desserts people wanted me to make, like my tarte au chocolat or a dacquoise. (A dacquoise is basically layers of nut-laced meringue and ganache. It is VERY good for you, as long as you take a tablespoon or so of olive oil a day to clear out the arteries, as the old-timers do in Provence.)

Where, you ask, was my sister in all this? The sister of the truffles? Well, that is the sad news. She was sick, and so I was left to my own devices. And I do not, truthfully, feel that I quite reached her truffle heights. In fact, everyone familiar with her truffles agreed that mine were a little too grainy, and I don’t really know why, because I only made one or two teensy eensy changes to her recipe, and I am burying that fact deep in the middle of this post so that one hopes she will never read through enough of it to find that out. Anyway. Sadly they are NOT the best truffles I have ever tasted, but I am hoping they will do.

Despite this extravagant quantity of truffles, I may decide to end the contest a couple of days early. I had to give quite a lot of the truffles away to family already, and I feel a need to send the remaining truffles out before I accidentally eat them. So if anyone else has been thinking about sending a story for the Paris-or-other-place-in-Europe-so-Amy-Can-Enter aka BSUaBiP story contest, send it in by tomorrow (Jan 3) or else send me an email and/or a post complaining that it is not fair to shorten the deadline, you are working on your story but need until Jan 5.

  • amy

    Oh, my word, can you come to my house and be the dessert chef for the holidays?
    I will revel in my nefariety. 🙂 And we can all be in agreeance (remember that one? Thanks, Fred Durst) that the story was worth the wait!

    January 3, 2007 at 7:59 pm
  • dee

    Amy, You so very much deserve some truffles!
    And Laura, I’m glad you’re back and safe after your travels and host of holiday excitement!
    Joss’s story was incredible and totally hysterical, as usual. Very much worth the wait.
    Truffles are wonderful things, full of love and goodness. I am quite certain that they belong in their very own food group. I’ve made a few batches over the years myself, but not in a while. However, after hearing about yours, I think I’ll have to dig out Mom’s cookbook and gather my girls around me and make a batch or three myself. Truly, you are inspiring, Laura. Thanks.

    January 3, 2007 at 8:12 pm
  • If I have inspired anyone to make truffles, I have fulfilled at least one good purpose in the world. Maybe for my next contest, I will try to inspire LOTS of people to make truffles, and they can all send me samples so I can judge which one is the best.

    Agreeance has it’s charm, but I remain undecided about it. I just feel that nefariety fills a former hole in the English language which “nefariousness” did not properly take care of, if we can even deign to accept something so lacking in villainish style as “nefariousness” as a word. But agreeance…I have this vague memory of some other word, something with a “ment” perhaps?, that used to handle that meaning very well.

    But the story WAS worth the wait! She’s got a gift. Even her blog makes you long to read the next page.

    January 4, 2007 at 6:49 am