The only person you can control

The only person you can control

“Peu importe ce que les autres font ou ne font pas. Toi, tu dois faire ce que tu peux pour améliorer la situation dans laquelle tu te trouves. Tu es la seule personne que tu puisses contrôler sur ce terrain.”

(It doesn’t matter what anyone else does or doesn’t do. You have to do your best to improve the situation you have. You are the only person you can control on this field.)

–Advice from Sébastien to our daughter, post soccer game discussion

But I thought it was pretty good advice for all of us. 🙂


P.S. It is so weird to realize that WE are now the ones giving out the sage paternal and maternal advice to the next generation. I’m pretty sure we’re not ready for this.

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  • Mary O'Keefe Kellogg

    I liked your husband’s advice to your daughter – espcially in French, where it sounds so — normal. (Do American parents phrase similar advice that way? I’v been away too long.)
    It does feel weird to be the giver of wise parental (or – whatever the equivalent adjective for teacher, not professor’s, is) advice. It gets weirder yet, when you wake up one day to find that you’ve slipped into the role of repository of the village history, and worse, that somehow, you seem to be dragging the mantel of the village matriarch along behind you.
    For me, the village matriarch is the widow of the man who was mayor for 40 years, and who dragged me along behind her on her missions. But she’s been dead for maybe 15 years… (I keep trying to divide the darn mantel into strips for others to drag along, but it is hard to attach it “correctly,” you understand. And, since my penmanship will never approach hers, nor my hair, her elegant French twist, I fear the whole matter is as impossible as improbable.)
    I suspect what will save us from pontificating or otherwise “laying down the law” is our sense of how unlikely the whole thing is.

    October 23, 2015 at 1:29 pm

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