Well, rats.  NO CHOCOLATE BRIBES ALLOWED for the great DABWAHA March Madness book contest.  Who makes up these rules?  You might want to have a word with Dear Author and SBTB, because, seriously, wouldn’t it be more fun it you could be bribed with chocolate?

I guess you will have to either:

1)  Be giddily delighted that THE CHOCOLATE THIEF is a finalist and stop being So Greedy.

2) Be giddily delighted, but STILL hope people will nominate TURNING UP THE HEAT for novella, too, out of the goodness of their hearts and because I love it, it’s my baby.  (ISBN: 9780988506503…just mentioning it.  Don’t want to make things hard for you!)

3) NOT bribe anyone with anything but perhaps, you never know, if someone were JOYOUS about succeeding in the first round, she might just feel inclined to distribute chocolate largess, kind of like Mardi Gras beads, you know.  No actual bribery involved.

4)  Think of some other way to get around this bribery rule.  Any ideas?


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