The Chocolate Rose=FREE this week!

The Chocolate Rose=FREE this week!

Just a quick note to make sure everyone knows that THE CHOCOLATE ROSE is FREE this week on Amazon, Kobo, GooglePlay, and iTunes. And THANKS so much for everyone who helped it hit #2 overall on Amazon and #1 in Romance and Women’s Fiction. I really appreciate it so much! If you haven’t read this one, do take advantage of the chance to have a book for free! (Consider it my little thank you for all your support.) And if you have a friend you’ve been trying to talk into trying this series, please let them know! I always appreciate the word of mouth.

If this is new to you, I hope you’ll love the trip to this jasmine-filled hill town of Provence, and the introduction to the world of the Vie en Roses series. And I hope you’ll love Gabriel as much as I do!



I owe you some updates on all the travel through France this summer! Coming soon! Meanwhile, you can catch some photos on my Facebook site. (A public page, so you don’t have to sign up for FB to see it. It’s just easier to post a quick photo there than on the blog while traveling and catching Wifi here or there randomly.)


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