The Chocolate Club: Madame Chocolat

The Chocolate Club: Madame Chocolat

Busy tasting my box from Madame Chocolat for the “Chocolate Club”. Okay, I am mildly aggrieved that my box does not actually contain any chocolate hearts. (There was a collection that showed some hearts and some others, and I thought I would try that one, but — no chocolate hearts were included!) However, I am recovering from this, eying your chocolate hearts jealously and tasting my own flavors. You will have to tell me how the caramel hearts taste! (And no, seriously, don’t worry about me. I love tasting all kinds of different things. I am joking about the whining about the luxury chocolates. 🙂 )

I love, love, the Madame Oscar type pin on the front of these boxes. It’s actually something you could wear later.

madame chocolat

madame chocolat 2

madame chocolat hearts

It’s official that I and my iPhone are terrible photographers. Yes. I know. My husband could get out his fancy camera and his studio (yes, he has a portable studio thing), but then he might try to steal your chocolates.

You know I’m the only person you can trust with them.


You trust me, right? At least for the rest of the day?

Because don’t forget that today is the last day to enter for a chance at the box of caramel hearts! And you have to tell us what you thought of them, so we can all live vicariously.
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