That nice lady Marie Claire & fondue

That nice lady Marie Claire & fondue

So, when I mentioned that Marie Claire had chosen Blame It on Paris as one of its recommended books for this month (I might have mentioned this to a lot of people), I would get one of two kinds of emails back, depending on the generation of the person emailing. Either the email would say, “Wow! Way to go!” or variations of this sort, or, “I’m so glad that somebody likes your book, honey. Who is Marie Claire? She sounds like a very nice lady. And with good taste, too.”

So, really, depending on your point of view, clearly some people feel that I, little old me, have managed to prove this lady Marie Claire has worth. That is what I call blind support from family and friends. Blind support is good! But “Wow” is good, too.

Marie Claire (a FAMOUS women’s magazine for those of you who need this information and who also think Cosmopolitan is just an adjective or possibly a drink) recommends Blame It on Paris in the November issue, p. 56. My only quibble here is that HOW can they be NOT SURE if “melting fondue” is good? How can melting chocolate fondue (if we take the quote in context) be bad? Seriously? The only problem with chocolate fondue is that people keep wanting you to stick marshmallows or strawberries into it, and frankly, it’s just better by the spoonful, unadulterated with any non-chocolate distractions.

Also on p. 56, that nice lady Marie Claire recommends a blog that I have consequently just discovered and which I have to say is delicious, makes you long to be in Paris, and is written by a woman who surely understands melting fondue is a good thing:

Also, her name is Clotilde, which I just love. For some reason, it makes me feel I’m walking the streets of Paris with Colette. And to post a comment, you have to retype the word “chocolate”. That is the chocolate icing on the cake of this blog!

So, thank you nice lady Marie Claire! For liking Blame It on Paris and for the new blog.

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