Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks so much for all this feedback on author/reader discovery! This is hugely interesting to me, actually. One of the things that strikes me in the responses is how varied discovery is. And another thing that struck me is that, even though you would think an informal online question would filter to people who discover a lot of things online, libraries still got a lot of mentions, tying in second place with friend recommendations and blogs. (So let’s hear it for our libraries!! Also, for friends and for all you bloggers. smile emoticon )

And you know what the number one mention was? Authors. Authors who recommend books they love to their readers. That is a really important thing for me, as an author, to remember. And also, of course, it means, as I already knew, that I owe such huge thanks to the authors who have been generous enough to pick these books up and talk about them to you.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m fascinated by this.

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