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The Chocolate Thief goes to Brazil!

Look! It's the Brazilian cover of THE CHOCOLATE THIEF! (Not sure of release date, actually, but the fact that the cover is showing up means it's coming soon.) I always have a lot of fun seeing the different choices in title, cover, across countries. (Melhor...

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Book Club Suggestions for THE CHOCOLATE THIEF

A huge thank you to all the generous, smart readers who helped brainstorm these questions here and on Facebook for the "What Happens in Book Club, Stays in Book Club" book club, and whatever other book club wishes to use them! We're setting up a section...

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Memory Lane: Said Chocolate Factory in Rome

This time last year, I was just returning home from the book tour for THE CHOCOLATE THIEF's release in Italy (Ladra di Cioccolato). I was thinking about that and the fact that it's only been 14 months since THE CHOCOLATE THIEF came out, and what...

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