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A Once Upon a Rose Teaser

A teaser from Once Upon a Rose for Tuesday! I hope you enjoy!   Once Upon a Rose "What do you want now?” Matt growled at her, tightening his arms around himself. “I only need directions!” Layla snapped back at him. “I can’t believe how unhelpful you people are...

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Teaser Tuesday! Shadowed Heart

Does anybody want a little SHADOWED HEART teaser today? Teaser Tuesday, right? Sylvain is trying to give Luc marital advice. :) *** “You mean, if I try to get everything right, that will screw things up, too?” “Exactly.” Sylvain gave him a wry, sympathetic look. “Sorry, Luc.” “Then how...

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A little CHOCOLATE HEART snippet for the weekend! Three more days until it's out! (Nov 26.) Summer's breath whooshed out of her as silk and a fine edge of soft wool slid over her bare arms and closed her in warmth and scent. A waiter straightened...

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