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Giveaway & photos from signing

First of all, Ellie Reads Fiction is hosting a GIVEAWAY of THE CHOCOLATE HEART, for those of you looking for Summer and Luc's story. (THE CHOCOLATE HEART and THE CHOCOLATE TEMPTATION overlap.) Hop on over to her blog to enter. And a few photos from yesterday's...

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A glimpse of the heart macarons for the Feb 2 signing!

CHOCOLATE KISS discussion, complete with behind-the-scenes research andchocolate tasting from Miel Bon Bons at Southwest Library in Durham NC at 3 p.m.  Bonnie (of Miel Bon Bons) has outdone herself with the chocolates and macarons for tomorrow's CHOCOLATE KISS "launch" signing at Southwest Library (Sat Feb 2, 3...

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Chocolate Thief Event, photos

I've posted some photos from last night's signing/tasting/talk (now officially known as last night's Chocolate Event) at The Regulator here.  People were packed up the stairs and I hope everyone got enough chocolate!  Thank you so much to all who turned out! And a big, big...

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