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Once Upon a Rose New Cover

Have you read Matt's book yet? We're doing a new cover look for Book 3 and so had to go back and redesign the covers for Matt and Damien. I have a very particular vision for growly Matt and curly-haired Layla that I couldn't find any...

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Once Upon a Rose

Goodreads Giveaway: Once Upon a Rose

  Giveaway! Last month I promised to do another Goodreads giveaway of a signed copy of ONCE UPON A ROSE and make this one international (because the first time it wasn't open internationally and people were disappointed). So that is up and running! Please share with...

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Burlap & Roses

Matthieu's burlap and roses. (Once Upon a Rose.)   [caption id="attachment_3543" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Rose Harvest, Grasse, France.[/caption]...

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A Once Upon a Rose Teaser

A teaser from Once Upon a Rose for Tuesday! I hope you enjoy!   Once Upon a Rose "What do you want now?” Matt growled at her, tightening his arms around himself. “I only need directions!” Layla snapped back at him. “I can’t believe how unhelpful you people are...

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Once Upon a Rose is here!

It's here! ONCE UPON A ROSE is live! She stole his roses. He wants them back. Or maybe he just wants her. When burnt-out indie rock star Layla invades Matthieu Rosier’s valley, he really knows only one way to defend himself. It might involve kissing. And that might...

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Once Upon a Rose, advanced copies have gone out

ONCE UPON A ROSE advanced review copies have gone out!! If you put your name in the drawing, be sure to check your email and spam (because spam filters love these things). Demand however was *really* high. We increased the advanced copies from 10 to...

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