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May Chocolate Club=Macarons from Bisous Ciao!!

CHOCOLATE CLUB! Okay, as the weather is heating up here and chocolate shipping is becoming problematic, I thought we might try something different: MACARONS! Given all the macaron-tantalization that goes on here and particularly on my Facebook. (Check out the Macaron Hall of Fame here...

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The Macaron Hall of Fame

Check out the newly created Macaron Hall of Fame on the website! Readers have just been going Deliciously Crazy for the Macaron lately, and I am all for it! Now if only some of those readers lived closer, so I could sink my teeth into...

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A glimpse of the heart macarons for the Feb 2 signing!

CHOCOLATE KISS discussion, complete with behind-the-scenes research andchocolate tasting from Miel Bon Bons at Southwest Library in Durham NC at 3 p.m.  Bonnie (of Miel Bon Bons) has outdone herself with the chocolates and macarons for tomorrow's CHOCOLATE KISS "launch" signing at Southwest Library (Sat Feb 2, 3...

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