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La Vie en Roses: Promised Sneak Peek

Those of you who have been following this DABWAHA contest know already that readers were kind of split in their requests for either an additional sneak peek of SUN-KISSED or of Matt's still-untitled book, the first of the Vie en Roses books (properly speaking; Turning...

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Promised Sneak Peek Two

THANK YOU all again so much for continuing to fight for these books in this DABWAHA contest! Crazy fun, lots of silliness. THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH went down in defeat before Julie James. (But, to be honest, I was just flattered to even be in competition...

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I promised to post the first chapter of THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH if TURNING UP THE HEAT was nominated as a novella in the DABWAHA. It's up!  Thank you all again for your nomination.  I hope you enjoy!...

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