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Book Club Brainstorming for Chocolate Touch?

Ooh, want to do a book club brainstorming? We haven't done one in a while. The Amazing Book Club Queen Shannon is doing THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH with her Mom Mafia group next month, and another club also emailed about the same book that they're doing...

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Chocolate Kiss audio & Snow-Kissed book club

Okay, announcement one: THE CHOCOLATE KISS is now available on audio! Yay! Narrated by Terri Clark. And two: I know we just did a book club, but is anyone up for brainstorming book club questions for SNOW-KISSED? Because another reader here (Amy P.) has a book...

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Chocolate Kiss Book Club questions

Readers joined together to brainstorm the questions and theme ideas compiled below. I wanted to share them all together in one place, as we work on setting up a "book club" permanent page on the website. Meanwhile, with a big thanks to readers who came...

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