SUN-KISSED is here!

SUN-KISSED is here!

It’s here! SUN-KISSED! I hope this makes a lovely Mother’s Day present for many of you, because I think the parenting and how they deal with loving their kids and letting them go is vital to who Mack Corey and Anne Winters are. And yet…it’s far from ALL they are, a very important thing for parents to remember, too. They have huge, rich lives.

I’ll post a tiny other excerpt here, a little peek at Mack dealing with his sons-in-law :), and some links below. I so hope you enjoy this one! I really loved this couple and the whole story made me both teary, sometimes, but profoundly happy, too.

Excerpt (Anne is speaking, to Mack)

“Have you been drinking again?”

“I had a beer while I was messing with the grill. Do you know that a group of French chocolatier-pastry chefs who have never grilled a burger in their lives will still find ten ways to suggest a better technique? No, I have not tried balsamic vinegar, or bison, or an olive tapenade. And yes, I do like mesquite on the flames.”

She could see it now. The French chefs crowding around him at the grill, Mack grinding his teeth. The vision was so vivid and funny that just when Anne meant to freeze him out, she had to fight the urge to give him a sympathetic squeeze of the biceps instead. He had fantastic biceps, actually, that his tux last night had covered but that his T-shirt today showed off. “You should have seen them around the wedding cakes. You’re getting off easy.”

“Ha. So let them do it and see how they like it. Maybe Sylvain will burn off his eyebrows. It might save his life the next time he tries to raise one in that damn—grrr.” Mack bared his teeth and curled his hands into a stranglehold shape, clearly not even able to think about the way Sylvain raised his eyebrows without losing speech.

Sylvain Marquis did have kind of a conviction of superiority in that lift of an eyebrow, didn’t he?

sunkissed florand

A short novel of about 200 pages. Print and ebook available from:


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I hope you enjoy!




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