Stay warm! Some virtual hot chocolate for those of you in the Northeast!

Stay warm! Some virtual hot chocolate for those of you in the Northeast!

Northeast readers, I hope you are stocked up on chocolate and blankets and cozy throws and staying warm and safe while this storm hits. If you have the kind of job that makes you have to go out in it…thank you! And stay as safe and warm as you can.

Here’s a shorthand/keep-it-simple version of Magalie’s hot chocolate recipe, if you need it:

1. Heat milk to just steaming but not simmering. (Quantity according to how much chocolate you want to drink. If you err on the side of plenty, remember you can store it in the refrigerator to reheat later or thin out for chocolate milk, if you have too much.)

2. If you like this, let some cinnamon infuse in the milk while you’re heating it, or a vanilla bean, or nutmeg, or all of those. But if you want to use whole cinnamon or a whole vanilla bean, you’ll need to let it infuse at steaming but not simmering point for a good fifteen minutes to get any flavor from them.

3. Remove from heat and toss in roughly a handful of very good quality chocolate per cup of milk. Adjust quantities of chocolate as you like. It’s better if this is chocolate like Valrhona fèves or shaved from a block and not chocolate chips (which will be grainier and you should be using in your chocolate chip cookie baking as you prepare to weather out the storm), but it will still be good, if that’s what you’ve got on hand.

4. Let sit about 30 seconds and then whisk well.

5. Drink and stay warm as the snow falls. (I hope you can do this and not be out in it!)

I know it looks as if it’s going to be bad, and I hope you all weather it well!

  • Jackie

    Thanks Laura–things are still quiet in NYC–especially because no one is allowed to drive! I’m not worried…the brownies are already made. Maybe hot chocolate tomorrow morning! Stay warm, neighbors.

    January 26, 2015 at 11:35 pm