Some Good Books–What about you?

Some Good Books–What about you?

I’ve been having a really good run of luck the past couple of weeks in books, as I do my summer reading catch-up*, and I wanted to share some standouts with you.

(*When I am working on my own books and teaching, I often go long periods where I only look at my own work, because I am too deep in the story to pull myself out of it for someone else’s. So in the summer, I am often a reading glutton to make up for it.)

Here are two contemporaries that I loved for different reasons, and I have a couple of historicals to share with you later. What about you? Any recommends? Can you  help me maintain my lucky great books reading spree? 🙂

Up first on my end, The Story Guy (Novella), by Mary Ann Rivers. I’m mentioning this one first because she is a debut author, so let’s give her a little extra love. This was just AMAZING. On Facebook, I described this book as erotic, exquisite, and tender, so very true and so very heartwarming. I particularly admired the perfect strength of the author’s writing, the detail that sucked the reader in, made us believe. It is a novella and comes on sale today for only 0.99, so what can I say? Just get it! How can you go wrong? I was just stunned by how good it was.

story guy

Next up a full-length contemporary, from one of my much-loved authors, Virginia Kantra. Carolina Girl (A Dare Island Novel) is the second entry in Virginia’s Dare Island series, and if you haven’t read the first, CAROLINA HOME, yet, I tend to recommend starting with that, because one of the great pleasures of this series to me is how beautifully drawn the family is and seeing those relationships grow and evolve. I also just love the Carolina island setting here and sinking into it. And, of course, all this ties in with the beautiful love story that is the central part of each book. Virginia Kantra is a master of her craft, and she knows how to evoke people and places in a way that makes us both dream about them and feel how real they are.

Have you read these? Did you like them? What else are you reading that’s great this summer?


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