Snow-Kissed is #1 Amazon Short Story, THANK YOU!

Snow-Kissed is #1 Amazon Short Story, THANK YOU!

A huge, huge thank you to readers who helped make SNOW-KISSED the #1 bestselling short on Amazon.

And as a bonus, I got the Japanese editions of KISS THE BRIDE last night. (Remember that one? It just came out in July in Japan, but was released last May here.) I can’t get over how cute these are. They’re like half the size of SNOW-KISSED (see it under them?), but with *three* stories that long. It’s like long ago in the history of Japanese (and Chinese, I suppose) writing, they decided they would rather save on paper and up their use of brainpower instead. (Because you have to memorize so many more symbols, but they say more in less space.) Either that or they’re cutting out all my favorite scenes in the translation, hmm… Does anyone read Japanese? Did you ever live or travel in Japan? Did you love how tiny books like these are, too?

Kiss the Bride Japanese editionMy daughter hauled out all her information from her first grade unit on Japan last year and started teaching me words (Ototo-san, etc.) and how to bow correctly. (“No, Mommy! You’re an adult. You don’t bow like that to me, I’m a child!”)

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