SNOW-KISSED, “heart-breaking” and “steaming hot”

SNOW-KISSED, “heart-breaking” and “steaming hot”

I’m really honored by the generous review of SNOW-KISSED from Ivy Book Bindings, who calls it both “heart-breaking” and “steaming hot”.

“Don’t let it be said that Laura Florand can’t slay your heart just as much as she makes it palpitate with her descriptions of chocolate! After having read – and loved – five of Florand’s novels, I think I am more than qualified to admit that Snow-Kissed is perhaps her most ambitious piece. With every romance I read by Florand, I feel as if I am sucked deeper and deeper into her lush prose. . . . Her writing is like a drug.”

She gives a very thoughtful review of this novella, and I think captures exactly what the novella meant to me and was trying to “be”.

It should be live very soon now! Final proofing has gone well, so in the next few days.

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