Snow-Kissed, a Romance Novels for Feminists Best of 2013: What are yours?

Snow-Kissed, a Romance Novels for Feminists Best of 2013: What are yours?

A big thank you to Jackie at Romance Novels for Feminists for honoring SNOW-KISSED as one of her Best Books of 2013. I really love Jackie’s scholarly and insightful look into texts, and so it’s a true honor to have another book chosen by her. (Last year it was THE CHOCOLATE KISS, which confused people about its year of release by being released Dec 24 — technically in December and officially, by¬†publishing world terms, a “2013 release”.) I think most of you will agree that THE CHOCOLATE KISS and SNOW-KISSED are very different books!¬†

It’s also very interesting to me, because I don’t really try to write books that are feminist or not feminist, just imagine people interacting with each other (usually one vivid scene between two people starts me working on a book).

Here’s what Romance Novels for Feminists says in explaining the choice: “Florand has a true gift for penning romances with all the characteristics of gourmet chocolate: rich (emotionally), sweet but subtle, all often underlaid with a surprisingly strong bite of the unexpected. I thoroughly enjoyed all three of the full-length Paris-set romances she published this past year. But my top pick would have to be her novella, Snow-Kissed, which tells of an estranged wife and husband who struggle through their anger, passion, and grief in the wake of a series of devastating miscarriages to somehow find the courage to risk themselves one more time for love.”

Thank you so much, Jackie!

snow-kissed florand


What about you? Have you read any of the other books on her list? There are some I’ve recommended to readers myself and some I am now interested to read. Are there any other books you would add to this list for the ways they explore a woman’s heart or life?

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