Snippet of A Wish Upon Jasmine for National Kiss Day (UK)!

Snippet of A Wish Upon Jasmine for National Kiss Day (UK)!

Aww. It’s National Kissing Day in the U.K. (I guess you all celebrate it early! People not in the U.K., NO KISSING today because your day is July 6, World Kiss Day.) So, in insatiable curiosity, I had to find out why in the world we needed an international awareness day for kissing, and I came across something that said it was started “because there was a fear people had forgotten the pleasures of kissing for kissing’s sake”.

And all I could think was, “Some people read the *wrong books*.” I bet none of you have forgotten that kissing is a pleasure, have you? 🙂

(Seriously, what? Am I living in a bubble? They just made that up, right? How could that even be possible?)

Here’s a kiss scene snippet from A WISH UPON JASMINE for you, if you’re in the U.K. (And remember, if you’re NOT, NO KISSING until July 6. Stop that right now.)


Kisses and kisses and kisses, in the dark against her door, with the scent of jasmine sneaking in among those kisses as if the flowers, too, wanted to touch. The night brushing cool silk around them after the heat of the day. Her hair under his fingers, her skin against his lips.

They were both tired. Ready to shower and sleep. But Damien kept kissing her because he couldn’t stand to stop and walk away. Trailing kisses over her throat in under the fall of her hair, so he could take a deep breath of her scent. Brushing them across her collarbone like wishes. Finding his way to her mouth again.

I don’t want to go.

Ask me to stay.


Happy Kissing Day, U.K.! No cheating, everyone else! 🙂

Honk if you already knew kissing “for kissing’s sake” was a pleasure without the need for an awareness day. 🙂


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