Snippet of ROSE IN WINTER today & a photo

Snippet of ROSE IN WINTER today & a photo

A little snippet of A ROSE IN WINTER (NO PLACE LIKE HOME) today and a lovely photo from Elaine Travels of THE CHOCOLATE THIEF in front of the Eiffel Tower. First the photo, then the snippet.

I just love this photo! It’s so fun and sweet of her to do.

chocolate thief front of eiffel

And now just a glimpse of Provence at Christmas time…

She was crazy, Raoul decided, as the sounds of the lower town fell away from them, their footsteps on the path the only hint of human life. Complètement tarée. It must be the mistral. There was probably some unwritten male rule against taking advantage of a woman during the mistral—maybe even her first mistral, judging by her accent.

Pines embraced them, a wind-tossed scent that made homesickness ache like a wound he had to heal. He breathed past the ache, and the scent reached into the bundle of nerves at his nape and relaxed every one of them, sending the message out to the muscles in his body.

Then a wide-eyed, excited, wondering glance skated up his torso, coming from a very small woman who was trying her best to keep her eyes straight ahead, and every single muscle tightened again. Gloriously. Aroused and utterly full of himself. Insanely strong. Strong enough to pick a small woman up, and press her back against a pine trunk, and…
Yes, she had to be out of her mind. He and she were going to have a talk about her trust of strangers later. When he wasn’t one anymore and there was no chance he could be warning her off himself.

no place like home florand

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