Rose Salt in Nice, Just Because

Rose Salt in Nice, Just Because

In my continuing efforts to give you occasional glimpses of the actual world of THE CHOCOLATE ROSE and the Vie en Roses series, I give you rose salt at the Cours Saleya market in Nice, just because . . . is that not gorgeous?

rose salt nice

All right, is this one of my Amélie-style eccentricities, or would it be fun for people to have a little giveaway post-France of some of the fun little things like this you can find in the markets? Or a sampling of some of the many flower-flavored things that fill the flower region around Grasse?

(And I know what you’re going to ask for instead, but the problem is: Chocolate melts! I can’t send that in July. My attempts at cold-packing have been disastrous. And hot guys do NOT fit in my suitcase. Plus, my husband objects to carrying those suitcases when they try.)

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  • Chanpreet

    Rose salt looks and sounds so cool. What can it be used for? And I think little trinkets and oddities like rose salt would be great giveaway prizes. If not chocolate and cheese, I guess these will have to do. 🙂

    May 14, 2013 at 2:19 pm

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