Reading: Paris in Color

Reading: Paris in Color

I’ve just been looking at an utterly delightful book, PARIS IN COLOR, which I highly recommend for those of you nostalgic for or longing to be nostalgic for Paris.  My husband handed it back to me saying, “You can’t show me this book.”  (It makes him too homesick.)

You can get an idea of the book from author Nichole Robertson’s equally delightful blog Little Brown Pen.  (The title of this blog post “Reading: Title of Book” is a little tribute to her, as that’s her style.)  As you can tell from the cover, the concept is that she focuses on the little details of Paris around a particular color theme, and it’s quite lovely.

For other books, I have been reading:

Chocolate Nations, by Orla Ryan.  Research book about chocolate production and quite fascinating.  That fair trade chocolate, alas, is not the easy solution to the problem we consumers would like it to be.

C’éra due volte il barone Lamberto, Rodari.  (I have to practice my Italian!  Lovely whimsical writing.)

Scandal in Satin, Loretta Chase, which doesn’t seem to be getting quite as good reviews as her first in this series, but which I really enjoyed.  A light fun romp, with Chase’s inimitable gift for dialogue and the colorful detail.

A Lady’s Lesson in Scandal, Meredith Duran.  This is an interesting back-to-back read with Scandal in Satin, because they both turn around the idea of a noble + lower-class match, with this being the much more serious take on the issue.  As always with Duran, the writing is gorgeous and highly emotional.  The first Scandal is light, the second one full of angst, and both well worth reading.

Magic Dreams, Ilona Andrews.  A great little gem of a novella, quite fun, with 2 characters I really didn’t expect to like as much as I did.  Now I wish I could see more of them!

All right, what about you?  What are you reading?  What books would you recommend right now?

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