Readers discuss SNOW-KISSED

Readers discuss SNOW-KISSED

A little excerpt from the discussion of Snow-Kissed today on the Fiction Vixen blog, quoted with permission from reader Mzcue. I just thought this was so beautifully articulated and really got at what I was trying to do with the story.

Snow-Kissed is indeed a lot more than simply a great romance. Its internal arc moves with deft authenticity through the hurdles associated with profound loss: grief, forgiveness, redemption and the courage to surmount all and move ahead. It also highlights the role that our own self-imposed blinders play in distancing ourselves from those best able to help us heal. I particularly admired how thoughtfully the story laid out the internal dialog of Kurt, the anguished husband, yearning so keenly to restore his relationship with Kai.

But prospective readers should not let the subject matter mislead them from anticipating the luscious heat that characterizes Ms. Florand’s novels. Sex is a key aspect of the couple’s path back toward one another, and it’s torrid. Few contemporary romance authors bring as much originality and emotion to their lovers’ sex lives as this. Steamy and moving is a passage in which Kurt’s anger suffuses his lovemaking. It’s a pivotal moment, and hours later, I was still feeling aftershocks.”

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